The Natasha Kern Literary Agency has had the opportunity to work with many talented writers. Here is what some of them have said about their experience working with Natasha and the Agency ...

"As always, a huge thank-you to my beloved agent, Natasha Kern. I wouldn't be where I am today without you. Your guidance is invaluable, and your friendship is irreplaceable. I pray we enjoy many more years of working together."

— Myra Johnson —  (author of Whisper Goodbye)

 "Natasha Kern is one of the finest literary agents I've encountered. She has a stellar reputation as being an expert in the publishing field, is admired by authors and has earned the respect of all the top publishing houses in both the inspirational and general markets. Natasha is smart and ethical, and works extremely hard to provide first-rate service to her clients, which is why the ACFW writer's organization awarded her Agent of the Year in 2013. I am thrilled she agreed to represent my work!"

— Kellie Coates Gilbert  —  (author of Mother of Pearl )

"No author can write a book without the support of others.  Great thanks go to my wonderful agent, Natasha Kern, who never ceased believing in me"

— Nancy Herriman —  (author of The Irish Healer)

"We would like to acknowledge two very amazing people who were instrumental in the publication of this book.  The content of this book had been gestating in our minds for a number of years, and it was their loving care and wisdom that brought it to birth.  Natasha Kern, our literary agent, has been a unique combination of advisor, advocate, consultant and most notably friend. And Rebekah Nesbitt, editor-in-chief, Howard Books, provided indispensable input and direction that made this book a reality.  Thank you both for your love and support."

— Mark Hanby and Roger Roth  —  (authors of Prayer of Love )

“It takes an astounding number of talented and gifted people to produce a book. On the top of that list is my amazing agent, Natasha Kern, the best friend, mentor, supporter, counselor, and teacher that a writer could have”

— Margaret Brownley —  A Vision of Lucy  (Thomas Nelson)

“A special thanks to my agent, Natasha Kern, who has been on my writing journey from the beginning, At times. walking in front to lead me, At times walking behind, to let me shine. But who has alsways come alongside me whien I needed her most. Your support has been unfailing, and your judgments unerring. I cannot view my successes without seeing you ”

— Nikki Arana —  (author of The Fragance of Roses)

“This novel took me seven years to complete. I wrote it during some of the most difficult years of my life, years that included a near-fatal accident, a divorce, life as a single mother and working in the contact sport we call journalism. I could not have done this without the support of people who loved and believed in me: Natasha Kern, my agent, for taking a chance on me and for her expert, caring guidance.”

— Pamela Clare  — Sweet Release  (Dorchester)

“This book is dedicated to the best agent in the business, Natasha Kern. For your continued support and understanding and professional insight. You are invaluable to me!”

— Kimberly Raye —  Kiss Me Once, Kiss Me Twice  (Warner Books)

“I cannot overstate how positive a force my agent, Natasha Kern, has been to my career, my growth as a person and a novelist, and my peace of mind. Her unswerving loyalty, relentless faith, and keen editorial eye are as much a part of this novel as my words.”

— Christy Yorke —  Song of the Seals  (Berkely Publishing Group)

“Natasha Kern, my dear agent, thanks for finding a great home for me and my baby. Your tireless efforts on my behalf did not go unnoticed or unappreciated.”

— Angela Benson  —  Up Pops the Devil (Avon)

“A tip of the hat. . . to the following: Natasha Kern, literary agent extraordinaire, who never lost faith in me or this book.”

— James Gardner —  Biocosm  (Inner Ocean Publishing)

“I can hardly believe that I was somehow led to an agent of the caliber of Natasha Kern. Not only did she believe in this story, she was willing to put in the time and effort required to work with a first-time writer. And when I got discouraged, and when I believed it would never be published, I'll never forget the words that set me right again: How can you be Jaclyn's mom? Jaclyn never, ever gave up hope. Thanks, Natasha for making me believe.”

— Cindy Champnella  — The Waiting Child  (St. Martin's Press)

“To my agent, Natasha Kern and her assistants, I offer my gratitude for your belief in and guidance of a writer new to the commercial publishing world. I could not have asked for a better agent.”

— Christopher Cokinos —  Hope is The Thing With Feathers  (Jeremy P. Tarcher/Putnam)

“To my agent, Natasha Kern, who never lost her faith in me or my writing. I have never been blessed before with such a relentless and unflagging advocate.”

— Lewis Perdue —  Daughter of God  (A Forge Book/TOR)

“The Diamond Conspiracy is my first novel. It took nine years to write from initial concept to publication. It was a long and rocky road but I wouldn't trade it for any other experience. . .I could not have written it without the help of those named below: Natasha Kern, my agent, for her faith in the manuscript and in me, for her patience and suggestions, for guiding me through the publishing labyrinth and protecting me against its minotaurs and to her crack assistants for their kind and efficient help.”

— Nicolas Kublicki —  The Diamond Conspiracy  (SourceBooks)

“To Natasha Kern, agent, friend, navigator, whose perceptiveness, skill and fortitude made it possible.”

— Bruce Chandler Fergusson —  The Piper's Sons  (Penguin Putnam Inc)
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