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Natasha Kern has personally sold over 1,200 books, has worked as an agent more than 20 years and has a strong commitment to discovering new talent as well as developing the careers of her clients. Natasha has sold to all major publishers in both ABA and CBA. Her list includes: mainstream women's fiction and inspirational fiction; romantic suspense, mysteries and thrillers; contemporary and historical novels, romantic comedy, Amish fiction, and issue-oriented fiction; young adult, multicultural fiction and other subgenres. Her clients include several New York Times best-selling authors, USA Today Best Sellers, and RITA, CAROL and EDGAR winners. She represents Christy winners and finalists as well as other popular CBA authors and ECPA bestsellers.

Natasha was named Agent of the Year at the 2013 ACFW Conference.

Natasha explains why she opened a literary agency ...

When I left New York, I knew that I wanted to stay in publishing. However, editorial work was not sufficiently satisfying by itself. I knew I could acquire and develop salable properties and that my background gave me expertise in sales and running a company. I wanted to work with people long term and not just on a single project or phase of one. Plus, I had an entrepreneurial temperament and experience negotiating big money deals from raising venture capital for high tech firms. When I developed literary projects for other agents that did not sell, I knew I could sell them myself, so I did. I've never regretted that decision. Agenting combined my love of books, my affinity for deal-making and my preference for trusting my own intuition. I sold 28 books the first year the agency was in business.

I did everything else I ever wanted to do before becoming an agent. Agenting is truly a calling for me and I would not be as happy doing anything else. It is a case of do what you love (and are good at) and the money follows. I also have a deep commitment to bringing new knowledge, new ideas and new writing into the world. I believe storytelling is powerful and a great book truly can change the world.

When not in the office, Natasha is likely to be found in her garden.
View Natasha's Garden in White Salmon, Washington ...

The agency is fortunate enough to be located in a beautiful part of the country, and also near Portland, Oregon.
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Sue Brower

Sue Brower says ... “I love finding and developing authors and connecting them with the reader. Book publishing has changed dramatically over the past several years and it's no secret that the novels that create buzz through their unique writing or concepts are the ones that become bestsellers.  Over the past 25 years in publishing, I have done marketing, editing, story development and acquisitions for Zondervan, a division of Harper Collins Publishers. Most recently, I was Executive Editor and had the privilege of working with New York Times bestselling authors Karen Kingsbury, Tim LaHaye, Stephen Carter, and Terri Blackstock and was named ACFW's Editor of the Year in 2010. And now I am fortunate to partner with Natasha Kern at the Natasha Kern Literary Agency. “

“I've been an avid fiction fan since childhood and love the way stories are able to change lives, heal hearts, and bring joy to readers. Today, I want to read and acquire women's contemporary, any kind of romance, suspense, mystery and historical novels.  I would love to discover the next breakaway author in any of these genres.”

“I am originally from Arizona and now live in Michigan with my hubby, and three furry "kids," Shep, Ollie, and Pepper.  You can find more information on LinkedIn and Facebook.”

Athena Kern Athena Kern - feels blessed to have been born into a publishing and literary family because that provided a front row seat to learning the industry, agency-related work including reading manuscripts and queries, and a model for becoming a great agent. However, it did take a lot of hard work, along with personal accomplishments and life experience, to get to this point in her professional life. Being an associate agent combines her passion for stories and good writing with her office, sales, social media, and computer savvy work history. A period of time spent working in elder care also provided her with an appreciation for storytelling and living life with compassion. As an associate agent, she is able to follow her calling---to be a champion for authors who deserve to have their God-given writing gift become a published book. Athena will always be looking for that new writer who will become tomorrow's successful author. Currently she is a member of the Association of Christian Fiction Writers and Romance Writers of America.

Athena is particularly drawn to representing Christian fiction, young adult fiction, and inspirational romance. She is also interested in mainstream fiction, romance, women's fiction, thrillers, memoir and narrative nonfiction.

In her spare time, Athena enjoys her special bunny Max, foodie things, mentoring, being involved with activism issues, and deepening her relationship with God.

Athena is on Twitter at: @athenavkern

Jack Lauer Jack Lauer - is literally a “Jack of all trades” for the agency. He manages the agency website, computer network, financial matters, and translation rights.

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