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Natasha meets with her clients at conferences and awards ceremonies all around the U.S.
View additional pictures from the 2013 ACFW Conference, 2013 RWA Conference, 2011 ACFW Conference, 2010 ACFW Conference and the 2009 ACFW Conference

Jamie Leigh Hansen
Sue and Amy Clipston
South Bend 2014
Kimberly Raye and Natasha
Kimberly Raye
RWA - Dallas
Tamera Alexander and Natasha
Tamera Alexander
RWA - Dallas

Vanessa Miller and Natasha
Vanessa Miller
RWA - Washington D.C.
Julie Lessman and Natasha
Julie Lessman
RWA Reno
Harry Kraus and Natasha
Harry Kraus
ACFW - Minneapolis

Maureen McKade and Natasha
Maureen McKade
RWA - Reno
Clyde Ford and Natasha
Clyde Ford Accepting Hurston/Wright Award
in New York City
Robin Lee Hatcher
Robin Lee Hatcher
ICRS - Denver

Pamela Clare and Natasha
Pamela Clare
Romancing the Rockies - Denver
Leigh Greenwood & Natasha
Leigh Greenwood
RWA - Dallas
Leanna Ellis & Natasha
Leanna Ellis
Romantic Times - Dallas

Kimberly Raye and Natasha
Kimberly Raye - RWA Arizona
Bonnie Vanak
Bonnie Vanak
RWA Dallas
Jo Scmidt and Natasha
Anna (Jo) Scmidt - RWA Arizona

Candy Calvert and Natasha
Candy Calvert - RWA Reno
Carol Craig & Nikki Arana
Carol Craig & Nikki Arana

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